For me, for you

ニワトリ、鶏の餌、水、ニワトリのフン、紙箱、プロジェクター映像(8分) など
サイズ可変、(H)220 x (W)113 x (D)113 cm(立体部分)

For me, for you
Red colored feather, Suit, Shirt, Wood frame, Wire netting, Mannequin
Hen, dropping, Water and hen feed in acrylic resin case, Coins, Video (8min). Projector
demension variable, (H)220 x (W)113 x (D)113 cm (solid part)


 On the street in Japan, there is a campaign to raise funds in which people who donate money receive a red feather. I heard that the profits are used for disaster and welfare work. But, it is doubtful whether everything is effectively used. I suppose that many people raise money from habit without knowing the purpose of the fund-raising. The people walk around town vauntingly with the feather in their hat or jacket. Besides I inadvertently think them to be a good person.
 I produced this suit made of red- feathers for a campaign to raise private funds on the street. Wearing the unmarked white box, and without saying private funds. I stood behind the real "Red Feather Campaign" volunteers.
 The video shows alternately people raising money not knowing the purpose, and a man wearing a suit takes care of hens. The video ends with a scene of a man buying hen-food by using the profits.

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